Acid silicone sealant is suitable for sealing, plugging leakproof and weatherproof purposes, both outside the room and room are suitable (indoor results are better), seepage and leakproof results are obvious. Various automotive interiors are bonded, including metal, fabric and organic fabrics and plastics. Engage the heating and cooling setting equipment on the deployment of the gasket. On the metal surface, the steel bars without screw holes, the nameplate and the paint with plastic materials are installed. The window on the oven door, the flue on the gas appliance, the pipeline discussion and the passage door are sealed. For gear boxes, compressors, pumps to provide instant formation of leak-proof pads. Seal berth and Windows. Sealing of trailer and truck cab Windows. Bonding and sealing sets equip deployment parts. Form an anti-wear coating. Inlay and fill thin sheet metal lamination, channel network and set equipment deployment housing.

Neutral weatherproof silicone sealant is used for all kinds of curtain wall weather resistant seal, especially for glass curtain wall, aluminum plate curtain wall, stone hanging weather resistant seal; Metal, glass, aluminum, ceramic tile, plexiglass, coated glass joint sealing; Concrete, cement, masonry, rock, marble, steel, wood, anode treatment penalty aluminum and painted aluminum appearance joint seal. Primers are not required in most environments.

Acid silicone sealant

1, deacidic silicone silicone sealant is acid silicone sealant , acid silicone sealant in the curing process to absorb water in the air to release acetic acid gas;

2, acid silicone sealant curing speed is fast, has a certain corrosive to metals.

Neutral glass glue

1, dealcoholized silicone glass glue is neutral glass glue, neutral glass glue absorbs water in the air and releases ethanol gas in the curing process:

2. The curing speed of neutral glass glue is slow, and it has strong adhesion to the bonding surface, but the ductility is weak.

The use of glass glue should pay attention to mildew

The use of glass glue is also very important: be sure to prevent mildew. For example, a lot of glass glue is used in the toilet. The toilet is very wet and easy to mold, so the glass glue must be mildew proof. General glass glue bottle will be explained, must see. In addition, some poor quality glass glue does not have such a function