The glass glue in the home is moldy and black, the cleaning aunt taught me 2 methods, easy and clean

When family decoration, decoration company will use a lot of glass glue to beautify the local gap, such as kitchen hearth, sink, toilet toilet bottom, lavabo basin, window gap and other positions, can see the figure of glass glue, can really make the decoration effect more perfect.

But the place coated with glass glue looks no different at first, but with the increase of time, the original place coated with glass glue will slowly change color, until finally black,

In fact, this is all caused by glass glue mold, and disgusting mold will continue to appear.

We all know that once glass glue becomes moldy and black, it will greatly affect the decorative effect in the home, but what we do not know is that in fact this will breed bacteria, and over time even endanger the health of the family! Because mold is not only disgusting, it also releases “biochemical toxins.”

And large and small mold circles, in addition to “visual pollution”, mold brings “harm” is not only these, mold will not only emit bad taste, but also with the release of mycotoxins and spores (seeds).

And, in our home, there is one of the most common electrical appliances is also the most likely to produce mold, also ignored by us, have carefully observed the friends will find that this electrical appliances is the refrigerator!

The reason why the refrigerator rubber strip is moldy is because of the smell of food strings in the refrigerator, plus the accumulation of bacteria caused by the refrigerator for a long time. Once the rubber strip is moldy and black, there are too many bacteria and mold gathered on it.

Mold reproduction depends on spores, although spores do not reproduce at -10 degrees Celsius, but its vitality is very strong, can resist the low temperature of -50 degrees Celsius, once the temperature rises can restore life vitality. Under a microscope, you can see a fungus called Alternaria on the refrigerator door, a type of mold that can cause an inhalation allergy.

In addition, there are penicillium, Aspergillus flavus, aspergillus fumigatus and other molds, mildew also carcinogenic, hot water are hot die!

In addition to the refrigerator door sealing strip will produce mold, the refrigerator may also contain a large number of pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, listeria, these invisible bacteria, once the human body eat, light cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, meningitis, sepsis, endocarditis and other diseases!

After knowing these, I immediately use boiling water to hot it, but a look to give up, it is no use.

For this kind of stubborn mold, ordinary methods can not solve, just like glass glue mold, many people think directly with steel ball wipe, but always hard to wipe along while, although this can solve some not very serious situation, but will let the glass glue leave some thin scratches,

This affects the appearance level of the whole space, and over time, the glass glue will continue to appear moldy and black breeding bacteria.

So repeatedly, these stubborn health problems in the home is not solved, I believe that everyone who has fought against this problem are very headache.

So can we find an easier way? Of course, the answer is yes, because I also hired a cleaning aunt two days ago, she used two good methods to my glass glue and the moldy place in my home, just a few minutes of easy moldy, and the process is very simple, but finally charged me a lot of money, which makes me feel particularly painful.

In order not to spend more money in this aspect, when cleaning aunt glass glue mold, I carefully observed some, these two are really a good method, and can be bought in the market, very affordable, the operation is very simple, not to say much, directly give you dry goods, then share with you.

The first move, white vinegar

White vinegar has good sterilization effect, because the mildew area is small, we can use a toothbrush to clean, which is divided into three steps:

First clean with water again, with a toothbrush as far as possible to soak mildew

A mixture of white vinegar and water is used for details until there are no stains

Wait for 5 minutes, and then the final stage of water cleaning, clean, but also timely sterilization treatment.

However, this method has a limitation, is only suitable for a small range of mildew, if it is a large area of plaque, cleaning up or more laborious, and vinegar.

The second step, mold removal gel

After observing the operation of the cleaning aunt, it was found that there is still such a thing as mold removal gel in the world, which is simply a magic tool for mold removal. No wonder there are so many moldy places in the home, and the cleaning aunt is very easy to deal with it! Cleaning aunt also told me that for stubborn mold should be used to remove mold products.

It can effectively remove tiles, walls, glass glue and other moldy places, just gently apply, wait for it to decompose mold, you will find that the moldy places have been cleaned up.

Don’t look at only small one, in addition to mould gel but the effect is very good, and for the north and south, are applicable, especially in the rainy season, the walls of the house if there is a drop of water, whole house mildewy, clothing also cannot avoid breeding on the mould, etc., then we will be very worried, even when even do a big cleaning.

There is no way to eliminate mildew caused by long-term damp conditions if you only use detergent and washing powder, but mildew removal gels can do the job and are very simple to use.

We apply it directly, leave it for about five hours, wipe it with a cloth, and you will find that the mold is significantly reduced. The design of gel texture makes it more wrapping, and it will not evaporate easily when you smear it, which can help you solve the problem effectively. If you find it, clean it immediately!

I tried applying the gel to the cracks in the walls, and the mold was easily removed and the effect was remarkable.

Old and new can disappear. Not only does it remove mold, but it also bleaches.

The point is, smear once, this place won’t grow mildew again in the short term, save time, effort, worry and money. It is recommended to have a bottle at home!

Clean effortless, a smear a wipe new, old mold can be eliminated.

As you can see, the mold on the gluing part of the sink is very heavy, and I only applied it on the right part.

The next day it was so clean, the mold was gone, and I felt like I didn’t even need to brush. Feel this before and after:

Even the perennial deposition of “old mold” is not a problem! Dark stains that have accumulated over the years on the kitchen sink and bathroom nooks. With this good mildew remover, it’s all gone! Couldn’t resist the before and after photos

Wash basin gap:

Corner gap:

Even the refrigerator, washing machine seal, also can clean clean, mildew, bacteria are all gone ~

Washer sealing apron:

Refrigerator seal:

Even my electric toothbrush cleans without effort.

Easy removal of the crisper seal: Usually want to bring rice to see this moldy point do not dare to use, this easy solution

Once you have it, use it every two months to remove mildew. Floor seam, brick seam, hearth seam, toilet, washing machine unprecedented clean, corner and corner no mildew spots.

Such a safe and effective mildew removing gel should be kept in a few bottles at home, less than a few cents a day, to give you a clean and comfortable home.

In order to let the home look more clean and neat and beautiful, so gap moldy black problem we must not ignore again, such ability to create a satisfactory home.

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