Skyrocketing Price!!! The highest price increase of silicone sealant is 95%.

Recently, domestic market prices have stabilized. However, a price increase letter from an international giant will once again make the market panic. Dow Silicones will implement a new price system from November 1st, with a product increase of 35%-95%. At the same time, on October 18, WACKER’s official website announced that it would raise the prices of its polymer emulsions, redispersible latex powders and solid resins from November 1st by up to 20%.

With this price adjustment, the market will usher in panic again. This price increase is mainly for downstream products. Although Dow’s monomer production capacity is not small, downstream products are very abundant. It does not mainly sell basic polymer raw materials like domestic organic silicon monomer factories, but is vigorously developing downstream products. Recently, prices from raw metal silicon to organic silicon basic raw materials DMC, silica gel and silicone oil have all seen skyrocketing prices, which will cause the prices of downstream products to soar. Many of Dow’s downstream products are for special purposes, with excellent performance and irreplaceability. Wacker Chemie also announced that it will start global price increases in November. The sharp increase in foreign prices will surely have an impact on prices in the Chinese market, and a new wave of price increases is coming. It is recommended that domestic and foreign customers pay close attention to replenishment in order to cope with the price increase in the market.

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