Automotive OE Manufacturer Service Plan

1. Excellent service team

The service team members of Purstar Auto OEM have brought together outstanding talents in the industry. Many of them have served Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Dongfeng Honda, Nissan, FAW, SAIC, Haima Automobile, BYD, Cheetah Automobile, Changan Ford and other automobile companies. Has a wealth of team service experience and large customer service capabilities.

2. Service process

3. Service content

① Trial evaluation:

Help customers do compatibility testing of new and old products, evaluate the possible impact of old products remaining in the pipeline on new products, and provide a full range of solutions.

② Trial training:

Before the product is used, conduct professional training for the sizing operator, and focus on the operation of the process of replacing the plastic bucket to avoid problems such as gel and air bubbles caused by improper operation.

③Follow-up service:

The company dispatches after-sales service engineers to follow up the service, and adjust the relevant parameters of the product itself under the operation of the specific gluing equipment to ensure that the customer’s products and processes can operate more efficiently.

④ Regular return visits:

During the service period, we will visit customers regularly to understand the use of the product, and provide reasonable improvement measures based on the on-site use feedback to ensure that the product achieves continuous stability in use.

⑤Glue report:

For occasional abnormal situations, the company immediately initiates emergency response measures and factory self-inspection procedures, and dispatches after-sales service personnel to the site to coordinate treatment as quickly as possible, investigate the actual situation on the spot, and verify the cause of the abnormality on the spot based on the current situation And experimental analysis, make an abnormal analysis report to the customer, and follow up the follow-up matters.

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