Automotive Aftermarket Sealed Adhesive Solution


With the development of the automobile industry and the improvement of people’s living standards, the number of car ownership and sales have continued to grow steadily. As the preferred transportation tool for travel, automobiles have increasingly strict requirements on the safety and sealing of automobile window glass. Therefore, it is a very important project to choose a suitable automotive glass bonding sealant. The main function of automobile glass is to play a protective role: improve the safety performance of the whole vehicle, ensure the safety of the people in the car, and prevent the car from being damaged due to the weak bonding of the glass when the car is braking or crashing at high speed.Automobile glass includes front and rear windshields, side windshields, and sunroofs of cars, trucks, and buses. According to the nature of use, it can be divided into the complete vehicle supporting market and the after-sales maintenance market.

Pustar focuses on the research and development, production and sales of sealant products. It has certain technology and experience accumulation in automotive glass bonding and sealing systems, and also includes body welds, sheet metal, and roof seals.

Automotive front and rear windshield bonding has high-strength, medium-high-strength, fast bonding products,

Glass, sheet metal, car body, etc. are sealed with weather-resistant, odorless, environmentally friendly, yellow-resistant, convenient construction and other series of products.

The after-sales maintenance market has a series of products such as general-purpose type, low-odor type, and drive away quickly type.

There are mature product packages and system solutions for the after-sales maintenance market.Before sales, fully understand the customer’s glue point construction process, assembly process, construction environment, temperature and other information, do a set of preliminary tests according to customer standards or requirements, and provide appropriate product recommendations. And has a professional and strong R&D team and technical support team to design reasonable bonding and sealing solutions, construction techniques and supporting products for customers to solve customers’ application problems and process difficulties.

In the process of product introduction, a series of professional services such as strong technical support and necessary on-site guidance and construction training are provided.

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