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Construction Technology of Weather-resistant Silicone Sealant

1. Introduction 1. The following construction steps are the basic requirements for applying construction sealants. Strictly following these construction steps can ensure that the sealant has good performance, which is also a necessary condition for obtaining quality assurance. Because construction silicone adhesives are used in many different environments, this construction step cannot be used as […]

Skyrocketing Price!!! The highest price increase of silicone sealant is 95%.

Recently, domestic market prices have stabilized. However, a price increase letter from an international giant will once again make the market panic. Dow Silicones will implement a new price system from November 1st, with a product increase of 35%-95%. At the same time, on October 18, WACKER’s official website announced that it would raise the […]

The glass glue in the home is moldy and black, the cleaning aunt taught me 2 methods, easy and clean

When family decoration, decoration company will use a lot of glass glue to beautify the local gap, such as kitchen hearth, sink, toilet toilet bottom, lavabo basin, window gap and other positions, can see the figure of glass glue, can really make the decoration effect more perfect. But the place coated with glass glue looks […]