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Home Improvement Sealant Solution

In the past, when people mentioned decoration, people immediately thought of dusty scenes, the screams of hammer drills, and the knocking of wooden wedges. A high-rise building often lives in hundreds of households. When the decoration of the last one is completed, the people who live in first suffer from perennial noise and dust.Nowadays, in […]

Sealing And Waterproofing Solutions For Construction Engineering

The selection of sealant products is an important step in the construction of engineering projects related to sealing and waterproofing, from indoor to outdoor, from ground to underground, from residential to commercial projects. Pustar is committed to providing you with a total solution of adhesives for construction projects. Our construction products include polyurethane, silane-modified polymer, […]

Automotive OE Manufacturer Service Plan

1. Excellent service team The service team members of Purstar Auto OEM have brought together outstanding talents in the industry. Many of them have served Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Dongfeng Honda, Nissan, FAW, SAIC, Haima Automobile, BYD, Cheetah Automobile, Changan Ford and other automobile companies. Has a wealth of team service experience and large customer service […]

Automotive Aftermarket Sealed Adhesive Solution

POSTED ON AUGUST 23, 2021 BY ADMIN With the development of the automobile industry and the improvement of people’s living standards, the number of car ownership and sales have continued to grow steadily. As the preferred transportation tool for travel, automobiles have increasingly strict requirements on the safety and sealing of automobile window glass. Therefore, it is a […]

Construction Technology of Weather-resistant Silicone Sealant

1. Introduction 1. The following construction steps are the basic requirements for applying construction sealants. Strictly following these construction steps can ensure that the sealant has good performance, which is also a necessary condition for obtaining quality assurance. Because construction silicone adhesives are used in many different environments, this construction step cannot be used as […]

Skyrocketing Price!!! The highest price increase of silicone sealant is 95%.

Recently, domestic market prices have stabilized. However, a price increase letter from an international giant will once again make the market panic. Dow Silicones will implement a new price system from November 1st, with a product increase of 35%-95%. At the same time, on October 18, WACKER’s official website announced that it would raise the […]